3D Environments

3D Environments

by aitor7989 on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

In this post there will be presented 3 different environments that I have worked in 2020.

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My name is Aitor Rández, I am a student in my final year at Digital Arts and Entertainment (DAE) in Belgium. I am passionate about environment art and everything that it involves, such as the making of props, level design and lighting.

In this post there will be presented 3 different environments that I have worked in 2020.

I am looking for an internship from February to June 2021.

Light  Study - Rocks

This environment is been made in only 4 days with the use of Megascans and UE4. The goal was to recreate a scene inspired by the trailer of UE5 with the limitations of UE4 with Megascans assets, within a short amount of time.

I am writing a article for 80.lv where is been explained the lighting on this project, there will be available a download link for the light setup and sharpening material.

Modular Panels - Sci Fi

This environment is been done in 2 months. The goal was to build a Sci-Fi scene with modular props, in this case I ended with 30+ modular panels and a few unique props.

How are the modular panels made?

The panels are made with a mid poly workflow which means that every edge is chamfered. I use weight normals to give that high poly feeling. The panels are about 1-10k tris and for the small detail is just a plane with the trim texture on it.

There is 1 master material for the 2 different trim textures that are divided by a mask that represent what type of material funcion it is: Plastic, Metal 1, Metal 2 Carbon Fiber, Emissive... I added a functionality where just the normals are projected into the surface.

Those materials are reused by material Id on every panel.

Light Study - Forest

This environment is made in 3 days focussing on the lighting and composition. There is used pack from MAWI for the props. The goal was to get a quality and aesthetic scene within a short period of time, emphasize on the importance of the vegetation.

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