The Fortress And the Bunker

The Fortress And the Bunker

First year using Unreal Engine, this works are for my school FX Animation, these are my last two jobs, since I have not finished the third yet. I hope you like it :).

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Vinking Landing (Environment)

The main purpose of the project was to create a Viking aesthetic scenario based on For Honor (Ubisoft Game), specifically on a map called "Storr stronghold" which is an assault on a castle by sea.

In this Project the creation of modules has been very important, I usually created three different types of modules to give variety to the project, like the textures by vertex Paint.

I have generated the textures with Megascans and Quixel Mixer for walls and big props and Substance Painter for the little props like shields, hammers, swords, etc.

I think that the more interesting thing in this project are the shaders, I generated many shaders to create variation of shadows, colors and textures, helping to add incredible variety in a short time.

I created this environment with a classmate: Víctor Agrisuelas (He made the rocks, the horns, the tower of the sea estructure (photo number 10) and the rampart build estructure (photo number 3).

Viking Female Warrior (Character)

The viking warrior is the first model in which I have used photogametry. Also my first character with hair generated with plans in 3DsMax.

Area - F (Environment)

In this project the idea was to create a retro sci-fi bunker with a several zones very different from each other.

The most important part of the project was creating props to dress the rooms, all props were painted with Substance Painter and the modules, roof, floors and walls, were painted with Substance Designer.

Raptor (Character)

The raptor model was created in Zbrush and animated in 3DsMax.

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