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All the strange, strange creatures- Rookies 2020

All the strange, strange creatures- Rookies 2020

Kayley Collins
by kayleycollins on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hello! I’m Kayley. Welcome to my cavern of weird and wonderful creatures. This year I will be showcasing two pieces. One eerie and the other ancient. I’ve had a great deal of fun working on these and I hope you enjoy viewing them!

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The Carrionite- 3D Model 

This piece is based off of concept artist Peter McKinstry’s original concept of the true form Carrionite monster from Doctor Who- The Shakespeare Code. The brief of this task was to see how well I could translate the original concept art to a possible model for live action. The reason I chose to do this one was because not only did I find the original concept incredible, I thought it would be intriguing and a challenge to translate to 3D.

Original concept art belongs to Peter McKinstry at

As well as the original piece, I researched various bird skulls to further understand the form that McKinstry conveys with the skull. The most challenging part was how to convey the hair due to it covering the whole body. I accomplished this by creating various hair mesh strands, each with various movements, sorted them into groups and duplicated them around the body. It was then polypainted with lighting and rendering done in Arnold Renderer (Maya) and brought into Photoshop.


This is a recent study I did of the skeletal structure of a Stegosaurus to showcase my anatomical skills. The model itself was crafted in Zbrush and brought into Maya’s Arnold Renderer for rendering, texturing and lighting. Creating atmospheric lighting for the final render turned out to be a fun challenge as I wanted to exhibit the skeleton in a museum themed setting.

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