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Rookie Awards 2020 (Concept Art) - Submission

Rookie Awards 2020 (Concept Art) - Submission

Jinsheng Yip
by jinshengggg on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Here are some of my better works I've produced thus far! Hope you enjoy viewing!

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Pongo, Dryad Summoner - Character Concept

A chloromancer and ally of the Elves. Pongo spawns Dryads to his aid, and bends nature to his will. 

Skin Variants

Empusa, Amber Guardian - Mock TCG Card Animation

Mercurion Troglodytes - Character Concepts

Residing in the deep cold mineral caves of Mercury's poles are the Troglodytes, a humanoid form evolved over the eons to thrive in the harsh conditions. 

Savannah Kirin Sketch 

A rare discovery of a juvenile Kirin from the Savannah regions. 

Inspired by Kirin design from MonsterHunter franchise, I wanted to create a milder and naturalistic Kirin deviant based on the Giraffe. 

Tigrex - Monster Hunter Fan Art

Good old nostalgic Tigrex-chasing-you-down-the-snow fan illustration.

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed looking at my art! 

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