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Pat Suchatsirikul - Concept Art & Illustration - 2020

Pat Suchatsirikul - Concept Art & Illustration - 2020

Pat Suchatsirikul
by patvit on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

In this entry, I am showcasing my concept arts for two personal IPs as well as concepts for four pre-existing IPs.

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Bleeding Alloy is a new personal IP project I started up in collaboration with my friend Song Liu who does the writing and novelization. It aims to be a Dark Fantasy Sci-fi RPG. It was inspired by many game titles such as Dark Souls, Code Vein, Metal Gears, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and Nier. Here I wanted to create what I thought was cool and edgy in aesthetic. We plan to keep working on this title and eventually want to create something bigger out of it.

Lost Fae is another personal project of mine, that started with a passion for creating an emotional scene. Here I am challenging myself to create more colorful environments that fit the mood of the story. I was heavily inspired by the PSVR game Deracine by FROM SOFTWARE and wanted to create something with a similar somber and peaceful feeling yet more colorful like Violet Evergarden. Its aim to become a mystery problem-solving VR game.

These are sets of designs where I am challenged to design characters and creatures that are appealing and fit a pre-existing IP style while also trying to introduce new elements.

Through the process, I learned that I enjoyed edgy characters and including details, in contrast, simplicity is much harder for me to get right.

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