Personal Portfolio

Personal Portfolio

Kelvin Yang Kiat Tan
by kelkes on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

My entry consists of my personal portfolio that includes most of the work I have done during my senior year at Otis College of Art & Design (2020). Various projects are present including my senior thesis project - Ecora. Works are produced by Kelvin Tan.

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The steppes is a project where I am incorporating more 3D into my workflow, as well as trying my hand at animating an image to give it a sense of parallax and depth. This is heavily inspired by the yurts that many steppe cultures utilize.

Collection of process material, including references, sketches, and breakdowns.

Animated version of the final.


This is a project where I was exploring a more cinematic aspect of things, as well as exploring a different subject matter and workflow that I am usually accustomed to. 

Collection of process material including compositional thumbnails and references.


The following project is a collection of designs and illustrations for my senior project during my time at Otis College of Art & Design. Ecora is a worldbuilding project where I seek to flesh out certain elements of the world, including environments and its inhabitants - both people and creatures alike.

Map of the world of Ecora. The font utilized is from

Ravunian Border Fortress off the western coast of Kaldera.

The capital city of the Kalderian Empire, the crown of the city-states of Kaldera.

The Virgin Marshlands tells of the following tale: "Legends say the deflowered virgins rose up against the Lord of Reyenda, and hunted him down to the marshlands where he met his end. Defanged and helpless, the evil shall pay for their crimes."

Ancient forge site where souls are pulled from the soul stream and reborn into the various entities that populate the world of Ecora.

The malfunction of an ancient forge site spawned monstrosities that were not of this world, and Kalderian shapers struggle to fight off the menace.

Keyframe painting of a heroic last stand of the Tuvian city-state against the Kalderian crown's incursions.

Collection of design variations for the characters.

Thank you for looking through my works and I hoped you've enjoyed it!

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