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Overwatch - Dva

Overwatch - Dva

Aryn Chan Ching Ching
by arynchan on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This model was created during my time at The One Academy. I wanted to showcase my 3D modeling skillset for hardsurface and character modeling. These are the final render shots and the model's turntable.

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This is my CG modeling artwork inspired by Overwatch's hero character Dva. The inspiration for this project came from the love of stylized game art and creating the characters using 3D modeling. 

This artwork was my one pf my school's major projects I've been working on. Being a quite a huge fan of the game Overwatch and I had been wanting to create a fanart of one of my favorite characters, so I used the opportunity to recreate the model using the skills and technique I had learned in college. I rendered a few scenes and still frames to showcase the model.

The creation process was I used Zbrush for scuplting the models and rendered it in Maya using Vray. I used Substance Painter for the texturing. I modeled Dva herself, her gun and her mech. I combined both my hardsurface modeling artwork and my character modeling artwork for this major project.

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