Lighting work-Christina Varlokosta

Lighting work-Christina Varlokosta

by christelia on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hello. I am Christina Varlokosta and I am a 3D animation student in ESMA, Lyon. This was my first year learning CG and here's two of my projects I did this year. Hope you enjoy!

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The first project I submit is the still life. During this project we had to model and texture a scene with the theme of our choice and in the end we had to composite the rendered image. The softwares used are Maya for the modeling, Renderman for lighting, texturing and shading and photoshop for compositing.

I created a scene of a grandma's living room, with some embroidery tools (and a mug as a gift from her grandchildren).

It was a very interesting project for me because I learned some important new skills in lighting and texturing.

Second project, but a very early one is the fruit basket. We had to texture a variety of fruits and vegetables, using only procedural. It was very fascinating to see how with only a few nodes we could create many different patterns and variations.

This is my entry for the contest. Thank you for taking some time to see my work.

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