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Short Movie - "Zap"

Short Movie - "Zap"

Antoine Gallouin
by Antoine Gallouin and antoinegallouin on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This is the story of a young man during the quarantine. Working late at home, he just wants to eat some noodles in front of the TV, but nothing will happen as he would like to...

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My name is Antoine Gallouin, I'm a french CGI student based in Bordeaux, in France,  in a school named ECV. 

Let me introduce you my school project of the year: "Zap", the story of a young man, who just want to eat some noodles... 

I did this movie all by myself, from the idea to the compositing, through the character design, the animation, the modeling, etc... 

For this project, I had some constrains : only one character, one place, and an objet based in the center of the story. I chose to take a remote.

So here we are, the character. Meet Zep. Zep from Zap ! 

He is a tired young man, working home during the quarantine (I started writing the story during september, so we are clearly able to say that I'm seing the future).

It's late. He's tired, and just want to eat in front of the television, but nothing will happen as he would like...

I wanted him to be thin, stay-at-home, with comfortable clothes. He LOVES noodles, he even wears a noodle hoodie as you can see. 

His hoodie is white to better join to the changing colors of the tv programs. 

I modelized him with Zbrush and Maya; texturing with Substance Painter; and Render the movie with Redshfit.

This poject took me a lot of time to be complete. I learn so many things during this year, I couldn't imagine learning so much in so little time.

Thank You very much for taking a look to my project ! 

I'm very proud of it, and I hope you enjoyed watching it as much I enjoyed realizing it !

See you for an other movie ! 

Antoine Gallouin

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