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First Year University Projects

First Year University Projects

Chris Copeland
by chriscopeland3d on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This is my entry for the Rookie Awards 2020. It is a collection of all of my 3D game art projects that I made during my first year at Falmouth University. This is a culmination of hard work, stressful moments as well as lots of fun and boat-loads of learning! Big thanks to everyone who has helped support me!

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This was my end of year game art assignment at Falmouth University. We were tasked with creating a modular shop that would fit into Diagon Alley (from the world of Harry Potter). I wanted to take this even further so I modelled my own street assets and assembled and lit an entire street scene. I worked in a pair with Alfie Hamblin who was responsible for the interior of the shop and I was responsible for modelling and texturing all of the exterior as well as all of the lighting in the scene.

This was my first time creating and using tiling textures, trim sheets and modular assets and I had a lot of fun with it!

All of the assets I was responsible for:

For the first project of the year, we were first tasked to UV unwrap, bake and texture a sci-fi crate model that we were given. After this, we were tasked with creating a vending machine by using the techniques that we had learned in the first task. I decided to make both of my models fit the same theme of a Galactic Cola Company!

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