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Asian Lady

Asian Lady

Arthur Damiano
by arthurdamiano on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Personal project of a female bust.

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Hello everyone, here is a personal project from this year. This portrait is my first attempt at making a photorealistic human being and I took it as far as my current skills allowed to. I learnt the basics of the process and I am now trying to improve the knowledge the workflow and the art of it.

The main challenge here was to find the right balance between textures and smoothness. As my character is a yound Asian woman I had to give her nice and clean face features, but then I also had to bring enough texture so she would not look too CG.

Breakdown: Topology-Diffuse-Spec-SSS-Composited

The Cloth was quite fun to make. I created a maya shader that separates the colours of a motif in different weaving patterns and adds colour variations for a more interesting look.

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