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Rotinando (WIP) - Animation Project

Rotinando (WIP) - Animation Project

Jorge Antão
by antao98 on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

These are some work in progress frames from my upcoming animation "Rotinado", which tells the story of Gil and its day to day life - wake up in the morning, have a shower, eat breakfast and catch the bus to work. At the end of the work day, he returns to his home, where he watches TV until it is bed time.

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With this project I intend to put in perspective routine versus the search of new adventures. 

Routine is something good, but it can't be taken to the extreme. The same goes for the hunt of new experiences. Life needs balance. What I want to communicate is this concept of balance, stuck between organization and disorganization. It can be translated to the knowing of what is going to happen and the not knowing of what is coming, but not fighting it and letting it occur.

Gil's turn table

Gil in his kitchen, having breakfast and looking out the window, as he always does

Gil's building entrance and the bus stop where he catches the bus to work

Gil's fridge. He only drinks milk and eats takeaway food, as there is no time to waste.

The video was rendered in Eevee to test the animation of the curtain with stepped frames. The final shot will be rendered with Blender Cycles.

Test animation of the bus doors opening. The movie will feature shots inside the bus

These shots are not completed yet as there are still things to add and details to correct. 

The noise we see in the renders is intentional, as I want to reinforce a message of dirtyness and disorganization in the world, with the grainy texture and lack of colour.

I still have a lot of work ahead, but I thought I should share what I have until now. 

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