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My beginning in the Architectural Visualization.

My beginning in the Architectural Visualization.

by isabel98 on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

In this entry, you will watch my works that i made in the Architectural Visualization master´s degree in the Ceu San Pablo University.

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Natural Circle

The Denmark Museum was one of my first personal projects in the master´s. This museum is a prosposal designed by Kengo Kuma & Associates, Erik Moller Arkitekter and JAJA Architects. I choosed a space of this project to model it.

To make the ilumination, I decided to use natural light because I wanted to simulate the sun light.

Take a breath

This image is a render from the cafeteria of my university, Ceu San Pablo, located at Alcorcón (Spain).

At first, the artificial lighting and the natural lighting had similar intensities, but I decided to make more contrast between the inside and the outside, so I decreased the artificial ilumination to resalt that space.

The cars at the background, the microwaves and the fire extinguisher are from free libraries.

The two sides of the door

The Church of Santa Maria was one of my big projects. This church is located in Marco de Canaveses (Porto) and was designed by Álvaro Siza.

I made two images, inside and outside.

The outside is from the doors too, but in a different perspective, looking to the sky.

The inside is from the church´s door. The door´s ornaments and the woods on the floor are made with railcone.

I had some troubles to put dirt at the door of the outside image in 3dsmax, so I fixed it in Photoshop putting multiply layers with dirt masks.

Into the light

Another of my big projects, The Monastery Of Leyre. All the space was made over all with railcone. To put dirt, I had to covert the brick walls to an editable poly. Initially, the ilumination was a vray sun but this one didn´t look so good, so I replaced it with a skylight to make more indirect ilumination.

The stones relief was produced with the modifier VRayDisplacementMod.

When I renderized this in 3dsmax, the image didn´t had the necessary shadows on the floor, so I had to create them in Photoshop. 

The Beginning

This render was my first 3d Project at the master´s.

My image is based at the Izumi´s restaurant, situated in Copemhagen. The architects of the restaurant are: Yuriko Yagi, Kazumasa Takada, Miki Morita, Suguru Kobayashi from Pan-Projects and Mok Architects.

To make the outside I used an HDRi image.

A jungle of columns

This last render is from the Lina Bo Bardi´s house, located at Morumbi, Brasil. The hardest thing of this practice was to put he vegetation and made it to look integrated.

Initially the ilumination had only a Vray Sun but in my opinion this ilumination was too direct so I decided to change it for an HDRi with a vray dome light.

To make the ground more realistic, I used the VRayDisplacementMod.

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