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2020 Portfolio Release

2020 Portfolio Release

Adam Karlsson
by adamkarlsson on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

At the beginning of January I decided to release a new website including brand new projects. For this years competition I wanted to set my goals higher. I really feel like I have improved a lot since last years competition. This is my entry and was made during a bit more than two months of hard work at my spare time.

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Unreal Engine | 600 C | Apartment

Personal Architecture Visualization project of an apartment interior rendered and built in Unreal Engine. I wanted to push my skills as much I could for this project. This is my first full interior in Unreal Engine. I spent a lot of time working on small details all the way down to video editing and finding correct soundtracks. A huge amount of time was spent on gathering information to make this possible. The videos in my entry is an essential part of my presentation and work, so I wanted to point that out and I hope you enjoy them!

Art Direction, lighting, shading, modelling, UV-Mapping, propping, animation, blueprint scripting, real-time rendering and film editing is made by me.

Materials are imported from Quixel Bridge and Substance Source. The material was extensively adjusted to work together with the lighting and the surrounding environment.

I really worked hard on the compositions for this project. Spending more time on the camera settings and the aspect ratio really paid off, and changed the overall feel of the image.

With help of good reference images from Architect Kanstantsin Remez I could easy manage to build up the apartment in 3D.

In my recent projects I've always struggled with hard sharp shadows and lighting. For this project I wanted to go for a more calm, tranquil and soothing experience.


I've really tried to add as much details as possible in my images. On earlier projects I've always had a loss of quality while zooming in. I wanted to be able to see everything from stitches, imperfections and wrinkles. Anything that could add to the story of the images. I even created my own Auto Focus Blueprint inside Unreal Engine to get the depth of field as solid as possible.

Unreal Engine Archviz | Filming

I always had a huge passion and love for recording and video editing. So here is a cinematic video showing the apartment together with a beautiful soundtrack. I've decided to invest in some great music to make this video as good as possible.

Unreal Engine | Archviz Walkthrough | 600 (C) Appartment

This video is showing me walking around the apartment. I did use an Xbox controller to get smooth camera tracking shots. 

Auto Focus Lens

I built my own blueprint inside Unreal Engine to be able to get Auto Focusing while walking around in game mode. In the video above at 4:20 I demonstrate how it ended up looking. The image below also demonstrates Auto Focusing.

Unreal Engine | Archviz Face Automotive & Real-Time Ray Tracing

This is a personal project which I started to further my Unreal Engine skills and also to experiment with some new technology. I wanted to see the results of combining Architecture Visualization together with a high-end product. A big part of this project was lighting and reflection. 

Art direction, lighting, shading, modelling of building, UV-mapping, propping, animation, real-time rendering and film editing is made by me.

Everything in this scene is from using the real-time ray-tracing function.

Materials and scanned assets from Quixel Bridge. The car is from CGtrader.

The screenshot above illustrates how lighting sometimes acts. How it can reflect, glare and go through a light fog.

The image below are renders from the cinematic video all captures in Unreal Engine. Keep in mind I haven't modeled the car. Materials are from Quixel Bridge and the car paint is from Unreal Engine's own Automotive pack.

 I wanted to focus on lighting, reflections, shadows and camera composition.

V-Ray Lighting Study

My passion is doing real-time projects inside Unreal Engine. However I tried out V-Ray and decided it would be fun to share this image as well. My main focus here was getting a cozy lighting mood. It was a fun learning experience!

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