Character Art

Character Art

Vitor  Borsato
by vitorborsato on 2 Apr 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

A collection of my personal work that I did during the year.

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Troll Warrior 

Personal project that I'm working in the free time. The idea is to go through the entire process of a cinematic character. I'm having a lot of fun with the project and I can not fail to mention that I'm inspired by two fantastic artists Tom Newbury and Vimal Kerketta! There is still much to do in it, so let's go to work!!!!

Sylvanas World of Warcraft

I started this model in my spare time after work to study some techniques in Zbrush. So I decided to model Sylvanas because she's one of my favorite Blizzard characters.

Spartan Warrior

It was a long journey until the completion of this personal project, due to the work I had to stop sometimes with him but whenever I could put a few hours in this project. I used this character as an opportunity to improve my skills in anatomy, retopology, painting, and texture. I also used to study some of the software Marvelous, I used it to make the cover of the character. I used basically for the modeling of the character and accessories Zbrush and Maya, retopologia I used Maya, rendering was done in Zbrush and finished in Photoshop. It was a lot of fun working on the project.

Pig's spirit

This model was made for the contest of Álvaro Ribeiro that rolled in his page in Facebbok. The concept of this model was created by me, the theme of the contest was Demon. I used animal references and some concepts based on this theme. This model was made in my free time, it took me 10h or so to arrive at the final model. The goal was to make a model of a demon in a week but unfortunately because of the work I only managed to devote 10h in it. But I'm happy for the result of the work.

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