Left Behind

Left Behind

Apostolos Gkantinas
by paulgkantinas on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This concept is about a floating island inhabited by arachnoid-like creatures, and contains a plant that radiates a very powerful energy which humans would like to harvest. 3D Creation, stylised with dark atmosphere, contains organic and hard surfaces models .

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Hi! My name is Paul and I just finished my studies and finally got my  Advanced 3D Modelling Diploma. I'm very excited to be part of this challenge, as i'm incredibly passionate about creative industries and I'm looking forward to starting my journey by being a part of them. 

 It's 2090 and humans are running out of electricity to power their technological advancements. A top-secret research facility not unlike Area 51 has discovered an island floating near the astroid belt inhabited by other-worldly creatures. It also happens to have an undiscovered plant that radiates energy and holds billions of electrical volts in its roots. The facility told the president about their recent discovery and he decided to send armies to the island to harvest the plants and power the city. They readied their Holo-swords and their armour after a month while their ship was getting with lasers and machine guns. They were waging WAR. After the battle, some returned to their families, but many did not...

this image is my main concept idea that I visualised when I was modelling the helmet

The same image with different lighting scheem  

One more shot to show some of the details I added to my concept

This here tree-like plant is full of energy which is the reason it's glowing;  it is  actually an alien hive.

This floating island created to support my initial idea, but while I was making it, more and more ideas came to me.

This arachnoid-like creature is inspired by peacock spiders 

This is an intial  5-minute rough sketch , made in procreate in the order to visualiase my idea in picture


This is a project of one of my favourite characters , and this is the amazing Inspector Gadget.In this project I visualise the character as more realistic but still stylised persona.


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