The taste of Imagination

The taste of Imagination

Dexter Chew Lian fung
by dexterchew0219 on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This project is about if me have a 600Sqft condominium residence, what do i want it to look like ?. here it is.

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This space is a condominium residence is about 600Sqft. This project is about what i wish about a space i could be live in.  Besides that, it is also an exploration of using 3D Max to create what could i dream about.

here is a 360 image of the project. 

This view is the day time of the living hall and bed area.  the natural light is bright enough to channel the whole area during the day despite it just a small opening. 

The bed area is my favorite spaces among other, because is just right beside the only natural light source coming from that could act as natural alarm in the morning. Besides that, the shelf act as the partition to divide space between the bed area and the living hall. 

So far you can see my favorite colour is light red to blood red and light gold. With these combination, it let me feel the atmosphere quite lovely elegance. Beside that, The theme i am trying to apply is contemporary with small touch of luxury and a little of minimalist.   

Lastly here is the full view of the space. Thank you.

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