Minimalist Residential

Minimalist Residential

by deboraj on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A residential project designed to meet the requirements of the clients, as well as creating a comfortable space for the clients to live in.

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Project Brief:

A residential space is required to be designed to suit the owners of the house. The floor plan has been provided and there is a few requirements that needed to be fulfilled for the residential design that will be elaborated later on. The objective of this project is to design a residential space that suits the owners and able to fulfill their needs.


Name: Mr. Bruce Wayne and Mr. Alfred Pennyworth

Occupation: Mr. Bruce (Graphic Designer), Mr. Alfred (Interior Designer)

Marital Status: Both single

Height: Mr. Bruce (6' 2"), Mr. Alfred (5' 10")

Space Requirement:

Kitchen, Living Hall, Dining Area, 2x Bathroom, 1 Bruce's Bedroom, 1 Alfred's Bedroom, Study Room



Minimalism is a combination of simplicity, sophistication, beauty, and practicalness. There is not much furniture in this space, but the main furniture is provided with some modification to maximize the function of the furniture itself. The material that are being used are easy to clean and take care of. As for the color scheme, neutral colors are chosen; such as grey, black, white, beige, brown. The purpose of this design is to create a clean and spacious apartment is a small space, to create an apartment that can save energy, as well as a cozy and functional space.



          Section X-X                                                                                                                 Section Y-Y 


                                                                     Kitchen and Entrance

With 2 males staying in this place and both of them are working, the possibility of them to cook too often is not that high. That is why, the kitchen is designed to be simple and have basic equipment for them to use if they need it. As for the entrance, after entering the space, there is a shoe rack for them to store their shoes.

                                                                          Dining Area

The dining area is combined with the kitchen to maximize the space. Other than that, they will not need a large dining area since there is only 2 people living here. Therefore, a simple bar is enough to be used as their dining area.

                                                                          Living Area

A simple living area with basic furniture that will make it easier for the users to clean up the space. The colors chosen are neutral to make the space more comfortable and inviting. As for the TV cabinet, it is designed to have a lot of shelves and cabinet to store their belongings. Most of its covered to hide the stuff and make it looks cleaner.

                                                                          Study Room

Working as designers, they will need a space where they can do their work and store the equipments. This space is dedicated for their work, where they can do it and store all the related files here, so it will be easier for them to access and the space is more organized.


There are 2 bedrooms in the space and they have a rather similar design. The bedroom does not have too many furniture in order to allow users to have more movement. 

                                                           Laundry Area and Bathroom

The space for laundry area is rather small, but it can meet its purposes. Ironing can also be done here and there is access to the balcony if some clothes are needed to be dried outdoor. As for the bathroom, it is designed to be simple, functional, and still match the color scheme.

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