Salomé Busurashvili - Concept Art and Illustration

Salomé Busurashvili - Concept Art and Illustration

Salomé Busurashvili
by salomebusurashvili on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hello, my name is Salomé! I'm studying at BUas Breda, to become a concept artist in the game industry. The main goal of my development is no matter what I draw, (environment, characters or anything else) I keep my own sense of imagination and creativity. I hope to realize this soon, as I'm looking for an internship!

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School Projects

Kari: Concepting Nomadic Tents.

Kari is one of the student game projects I've been creating concepts for this year. The first task requested was to design a tribal nomadic settlement with (visually hinting) deconstructable tents. My research mainly consisted of studying how the Saami tribe's tents are structured. 

In the beginning, I used vibrant colours in my designs to make them pop out from the reds and yellows of the tundra environment (in-game). After some feedback and iteration, when modularity became an aspect, blending the tents in with the environment was preferred.  

Kari: Designing Modular Tents.

The second task was to develop a modular design for the tents. This was a task that took me and the environment artists quite some time to figure out. How do you make tribal tents modular (quick and efficient), while keeping the iterations feel organic and handmade? My work exists of sketches, paint-overs, visual explanations and 3D prototypes with camera mapping.

Skye: Concepting gameplay-focused Ruins.

Another project I delivered concept art for was Skye, a flying game located in the Scottish Hebrides. Naturally, my concepts were supported by research in Celtic ruins and Scottish Hebrides landscape. Since the game was further in the development process, I could deliver more finalized designs.

Project P.A.I.N.T: Character design.

This project was all about badass punkers who vandalize corporate buildings with their paint. I got the chance to help out with their character design. After a lot of meeting and mood boards, I started with one of the characters, which is almost in-game now. I added a lot of quick sketches I did, to show the development and process behind the final iterations.

Spellbound Spire: Brainstorming.

The final game project I worked on is a Vr game. I was mainly involved in brainstorm sessions and setting up the visual goals for the game at the start of the year. This is what I did for the project:

Personal Project

Hansel and Gretel

This is a project that I started out of curiosity and as a portfolio piece. It is focused on giving a well-known fairytale a twist. The main storyline for my witch is that she will present herself inviting at first, then after the children are lured in, she will show her true monster form. At first, I tried to image how Tarsier Studio's (little nightmares) would approach this. 

Later on, when I started on the environment, I decided I wanted to try a completely different theme for it and did a '180' on my project. Instead of well known europian candy, I researched Japanese sweets Wagashi from the Edo period of Japan.  This way I also had the chance to go more in-depth in my character design for Hansel and Gretel themselves. Any scans of old candy designs I got from this Japanese site of historical scanned books, this site has all three books linked: blog.presentandcorrect

Personal illustrations

I wanted to use the last section to show some of the drawings/paintings I make in my free time.

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