Murderous Mutton

Murderous Mutton

‘Murderous Mutton’ is a co-op game for 4 players.

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3 players play as an aggressive sheep, trying to murder guests that are visiting the farm. Within a limited amount of time, you and your friends have to dispose as many bodies as possible, whether it be by dumping them off a cliff/in a pond, stack them in hay bales or feed them to pigs. Best case: without anybody noticingOne player controls the farmer and attempts to stop the sheep from murdering the tourists.The Farmer scores points for each tourist that leaves the farm safely after their visit AND for locking up the sheep. If the farmer scores higher then the sheep, he wins!

Are you already hooked and ready to terrorize a farm? You can play our game here! 


This is our team and together we created 'Murderous Mutton' over the course of 12 weeks. Each week we wrote a devlog, so you can follow our progress from the very start till the very end! Curious how it all started? you can read all about it in our devlogs!

Programmers: Daan Ravelingien & Christian Fedrau

Artists: Matthias Schmitz, Flo Schollaert & Lander Van Regenmortel


The goal of the game is to, as sheep, dispose as many bodies as possible, you can either do that by: Dumping them of a cliff, feeding them to pigs, throw them in the well, Stack them in Hay-bales or Hide them in the pond. Drop-off points don’t have infinite space, at one point the pond will just turn red, the well will be too full, or the pigs have had enough of your corpses. 

Our game focuses less on attacking or killing instead it focuses on the very important part that comes afterwards: What are you going to do with bodies???

Our game required a lot of balancing, one misplaced bush or obstacle could be a great (dis)advantage for one of the parties. 

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