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A retail shop created for Malaysia's local brand that aims to give the visitors a different experience of shopping.

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Project Brief:

Retail shop is one of the most common structure to be seen. In this project, this retail shop is designed for a local Malaysian brand that sells stationery. The brand itself sells the product online and has not have any physical store. The objective of this project is to create a different experience of retail store where visitors can shop for the products and experience the craft behind it.

Target Market:

Students, Office Workers, General Public



Tabiyo is an online stationery store in Malaysia that sells imported products, that mostly comes from Japan. It was founded in June 12, 2012. Tabiyo has a mission to help people to collect their memories.


47-1, Setia Avenue, No 2, Jalan Setia Prima 4/3, Setia Alam, 40170, Shah Alam.

The site is a shop lot that is currently empty. It is a 5-storey shop but the access to the other floors is not accessible from ground floor. The space that will be used for the project will be the ground floor. Around the area, there is a lot of small offices, learning centers, and small businesses. Currently, there is no stationery store around. Therefore, the site will be suitable for the project.


Travel: Airport

The concept comes from the brand itself, Tabiyo. Tabiyo means "Let's Travel" in Japanese. Then, the word "travel" is further explored. One of the things that reminded people about travel is airport. These 2 words then combined to be the concept of this project. There are various components that forms airport and these components inspired the design of the store. Starting from the entrance that have security door, check-in counter with conveyor belt, LED light that illuminate the walkway in airplane, and others.



Elevation and Section

                                                                          Facade Elevation

                                                                          Section A-A

                                                                          Section B-B

                                                                          Section C-C



A simple facade design with wood wall finish complete with Tabiyo's logo on the left side, glass wall and doors that mimic the airport security door in the middle, and window display on the right side. The window display consists of wooden direction board complete with different countries name and stacked suitcases to display the products. Meanwhile, the ceiling has hanging paper planes that carry the fabric sold here.

                                                               Best Seller and Card Display

After entering the space, there is an interactive screen to tell the visitors about the brand and other related information. Behind the interactive screen, the wall is being used to display cards. There is also a wall display that is made from wood panel and finished in different flags of each country. This wall display is used to display the best selling products from Tabiyo.

                                                                           Journal Display

On the right side after the entrance, there is a journal display in the shape of half suitcase mounted to the wall. The suitcase also function as drawers to store products. Another type of display that is spread throughout the space is the stacked suitcases.

                                                                          Crafting Area

In the middle of the space, there are 2 giant structures in the shape of opened suitcases. The structure is then used as table and shelf. It is function as a crafting area, where people can customize their journals.

                                                               Cashier and Printing Area

Inspired by the check-in counter in the airport, the cashier counter has conveyor belt to move the products. The printing area is provided for those who wishes to print any elements for their journal.

                                                                       Fabric Display

For fabric products, they are displayed using flexible LED tube lights that are made into cloud shapes. Each cloud has different sizes and located at different height.

                                                                 Crafting Material Display

The crafting material is displayed using half airplane structure. It has windows that can be opened to take the products, and with the windows, even when they are being close, the products are still visible.

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