The Penultimate Fiction

The Penultimate Fiction

Anca Badut
by ancabadut on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Inspired by sci-fi books and the wish to create game experiences through design and computer graphics, in the past year I have been focusing on sci-fi scenes and assets that have the potential to tell a story by themselves. As such, the aim of my scenes is to give the feeling that a character just passed by.

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The purpose of this scene was to create a game-ready environment inspired by my fascination for sci-fi books and movies. Creating an environment with a powerful atmosphere that would later on easily be transformed into the right place for a game-like experience has been the main challenge. Represented by a simple corridor, the environment aims to look lively and animated (even without characters) through the way the light is positioned, through the graffiti and the worn-out materials. I also wanted to make the design a bit modular to create both rhythm and elements that are easy to texture/use in a game.

In the beginning I thought about it as an outside wall, but as the design evolved I decided to keep it as an interior wall, a part of a corridor and I experimented with different types of materials that would would bring the scene to life.

This simple arrows scene started pretty much from the same idea - the challenge was to create something very simple that would easily be the source of a fantasy story inside of a game. I imagined the 'arrows' here as amulets forged in fire as a beautiful symbol for the end of a fight. The idea was inspired by Ursula K. Le Guin's "The Left Hand Of Darkness" book.

What follows are some more complex hard modeling scenes that I've done as part of my learning process. The Colombian Statues one was done as a request from a friend of mine for a short movie that he's working on and the Drone scene was mainly done as a replica of a model created by artist Eddie Russell, but I have also taken the freedom to make several design changes.

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