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Sarah Ireland Rookies 2020 Entry

Sarah Ireland Rookies 2020 Entry

Sarah Ireland
by prettyflyforashyguy on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A variety of 2D illustrated and concept art projects.

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Grow Your Own Homunculus

WARNING: DO NOT INGEST. Not suitable for children under the age of 3.

Based off the classic Sea Monkeys instant pets, and some very bizarre videos about traditional alchemy on youtube, I wanted to create a short series of pieces based around the idea of a company marketing and selling instant-homunculus pets to children with a strong horror twist. This is the first of a series of images based around this idea.

I really wanted to create a design inspired by games like System Shock 2 and Resident Evil 2 (particularly its recent remake). I really enjoy how in System Shock and Resident evil you encounter enemies in otherwise normal bland locations, like the Raccoon city police department (with zombies wearing officers uniforms). I wanted to apply this to an office environment themed loosely around the 70s. Potentially enemies could be seen infected, but still retaining remnants of their past selves, hurling hot coffee at the player or using a stapler as a stabbing device?

GTFO Fanart

Illustration based off the visual imagery and design of the player characters and creatures in the game GTFO by 10 Chambers Collective. 

The Sword in the Stone

Originally started for a past Artstation challenge, I wanted to create a fun stylised environment with a tiny hint of dark mystery. Imagery was based off Arthurian legends, but I wanted to have a more rustic take on an ancient sword left alone over time.

Cat Pirate

Inspired by the artwork of the Cats and Catacombs addition for fantasy roleplaying games. After seeing various illustrations by artists for the official rulebook, I wanted to create my own feline adventurer for fun. 

Sci-fi horror is my favourite genre in fiction, and I wanted to create a set dressing focused piece that encompassed classic themes from 80's films.

I wanted to include a sense of narrative in the original illustration, and after receiving some critique it was suggested that I make two distinct illustrations to convey story within the scene rather then trying to cram too much into one image.

A mixture of fantasy inventory icons.

Winchester Railgun

Originally designed for an Artstation challenge with the theme "Wild West", I wanted to put a sci-fi spin on a prop design and combined a classic Winchester design with electronics to create a plausible wild west railgun. 


Monster design. I wanted to make something that might be seen in a film or in a game as a general dangerous predatory creature.

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