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Traveling Wagon and Mystic Monument props

Traveling Wagon and Mystic Monument props

by bpalomogame91 on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi, my name is Benajean. I graduated from the Academy of Art University this year and eager to create 3D environment and props for games. I want to thank KKS and Heewon Jang for their amazing designs that inspired these models.

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Wagon original concept design by Heewon Jang: 

Monument original concept by KKS ~ :

Video and images rendered in marmoset

Substance painter process.  

Started with placing the base colors with variations.  Next, added light and dark values to help make the details pop out more.  Applied the roughness, height, and metalness to the model.  Used the HSL to help create a sort of gradient effect from the top of the model being warm and then towards the bottom to become cool.  And finally, added baked lighting over everything.

For the monument, I tied to rely more on the height and roughness map to create that rocky feel instead of sculpting the noise in ZBrush.  I was also inspired by KKS's use of orange, green, and purple tones in the concept and attempted to add hints of it in the texture as well.

I started by blocking out the models to get the shape matching to the concept.  Than sculpted details and damages in ZBrush.  And then finally baked the high to low poly mesh with Marmoset.  I baked the curvature, position, and thickness maps in Substance Painter.

The work for the monument however was another work process.  My first attempt was to make four separate meshes instead of multiple pieces but realized that it wasn't enough to capture the complexity of the individual bricks.  It wasn't giving me the results I was looking for.  So instead I decided to retopologize each brick and work in modularities when I could.  Of course, this leads to another issue of the amount of poly count this model had, but I felt it was more important to preserve the bricks as much as possible.

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