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Daniel Douch - 3D Generalist Showreel

Daniel Douch - 3D Generalist Showreel

Daniel Douch
by danieldouch on 2 Apr 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

A collection of my 3D modelling work. This includes turntables, breakdowns, and a bit of character animation.

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About me

I am a 3D modeller aspiring to work in the animation and games industries through creative 3D modelling and design. 3D modelling provides me with a fantastic way to make my ideas a reality. I have a real appreciation for good design and love to create things that make people smile.

Portfolio  |  BÄ“hance  |  LinkedIn

The above is a character creation based on a sketch I drew years earlier that had been in my mind ever since. This character was a fantastic exercise in learning Arnold shaders (especially subsurface scattering), and XGen hair.

See more on this here.

This is a creature design based on 2D artwork by Silverfox5213, and is modelled using a low number of polys suitable for video games while using normal maps and other maps to bring in extra details.

See more on this here.

This is a project created using Maya, aiming to capture the beauty and simplicity of the Greek Islands in poster form.

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While not focussing so much on modelling in this project, I developed some valuable skills in character animation. I used the popular 'Morpheus' rig for the characters in the scene.

See more on this here.

I love low-poly modelling! The above are some of my favourite pieces that I've made.

See more on this here.

Thanks for taking the time to look through my work!

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