Chellew Wu - Environments & Props 2020

Chellew Wu - Environments & Props 2020

Chellew Wu
by chellewwxy on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi, my name is Chellew, and I'm a recent graduate of Victoria University of Wellington. I'm a 3D artist/generalist specialise in environments and props modelling. Here're some of my most recent projects, I hope you like them, and any comment or critique would be really appreciated! Thank you:)

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[UE4 Modular Environment] A Silent Voice

'A Silent Voice' is a modular environment I made in my free time during the quarantine.

It's about the trust and respect that goes beyond time, life and death.

I designed and made this environment on my own, except for vegetation, some decals, and some smaller props such as rocks (these were from Megascan). Architectural-wise, it's inspired by the Port Richmond Generating Station.

[Low-poly Prop] Righteous Bison

Fanart of one of my favourite rayguns.

[Substance Texturing Contest] MeetMat2 Flo 

My dad is a big fan of collecting ancient figurines/decorations, as he would use a wall-tall cabinet as a display section of his collections. Growing up I often look at dad's collections with curiosity... and Flo Mat is inspired by this idea - an aged Asian culture inspired figurine/decoration. It is damaged considering how old it is and it is likely travelled to a lot of places, but it has been taking care of since a collector find it so the surface is clean.

[UE4 Environment] Lonely Lantern

'Lonely Lantern' is a low-poly real-time environment I made.

Lighting study, the photo reference was taken by Liam Wong.

[Low-poly Prop] Glock 17/19

Low-poly realistic weapon texturing & rendering, look-dev study.  6K Tris.

Rigged and animated.

[Character Bust] 3D Fanart 

Original concept by Sasha Tudvaseva.

This is all, and thank you for your time and reading to the end:)! Special thanks to the great community and my friends for all the helpful feedback and support! 

You can see my full portfolio here, and find me on Artstation.

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