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Vintage Freak Show
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Vintage Freak Show

by jenniferheseltine on 2 Apr 2019 for Circus Challenge

I have gathered a heap of reference for my vintage freak show. I want to create at least one rendered final character, creature and environment design.

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Update - 23 Apr 2019

Colour Update.

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Update - 21 Apr 2019

Colour - Tattooed Lady

Update - 15 Apr 2019

Grey Scale for the Tattooed Lady.

Update - 8 Apr 2019

Character Ideas 

The Tattooed Lady is a bit rough around the edges.  In a time where people conformed to social norms and where freaks were just people who were different, the Tattooed Lady chose to stand out.  

Alligator Girl was born with alligator like skin.  She is shy and would rather not be on display but this is the only place where she has a family, a home and can work to support herself.  

The Tough Man, thinks he's pretty cool.  He is the vintage gym junky, and doesn't even mind his leopard skin costume.

Update - 2 Apr 2019

I am creating a few different pieces of concept art. I would like to finalise the render of at least one character, creature and environment shot. I have lots of different ideas that I am experimenting with. My circus will be based on the vintage freak shows of the early 1900s.  I am not able to submit one entry across all categories, this is my Character Design.

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