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Portfolio 2020

Portfolio 2020

by thibaultempereur on 29 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hey! I share with you my latest personal projects, presenting various vehicles. I hope you like them!

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Passionate about machines and military vehicles, I wanted to realize this personal project of a Russian military truck (MAZ-537) for an incorporation in an environment to realize on Unreal Engine.

Software use:

Quixel Mixer: soil textures

Quixel Bridge: plants

SpeedTree: trees, flowers

Maya / Substance Painter: truck

Personal game ready project for a future integration in Unreal Engine. World War II Japanese aircraft (Mitsubishi J4M Senden).

26384 faces

34293 sort

2 textures: 4k fuselage; 1k glass

Personal project of a tank (AT15) game ready - tank without tracks 75k triangles / with tracks 283k triangles and 4K textures.

Personal project of a tank (AT15) that I discovered through the game World Of Tanks. It served as my main reference as well as factory plans that I found on the internet ... The AT15 is an English tank, designed to break into fortified positions, like the Siegfried line (Hindenburg line). The design project was ready in the fall of 1943, but no prototype was built. The project, however, became the basis for the A39 Tortoise heavy tank. The AT15 that I modeled is fitted with the 84 mm OQF 20-pdr AT Gun Type B cannon.

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