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The Art of CrystalinSue

The Art of CrystalinSue

Crystalin Brown
by crystalinsue on 29 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Majoring in Visual Development with a passion for character and environment designs. I tend to design in a cartoon styled fashion .

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 Bouldar the dwarf  and company concept designs.

Character and Environment Design for a personal class project called Mirror. Concept about Greed being a monster and traps those who allow themselves to be vile and wicked in her mirror.

Lab Concept work inspired by simple shapes and objects.

Other original designs:

PM is more of a character prop but as I began working at his design I felt he could become more animated. His story is simple, He is a little family clock that gets passed down but he gets his time mixed up between AM and PM.

First time getting to design work for mobile gaming concept. GnomeLand is about saving the land from the Weed. Players have the option to also be the Weed.

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