Lighting & Compositing Reel 2020

Lighting & Compositing Reel 2020

Kajus Jalnionis
by kajus on 29 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A combination of school work and personal projects while I attended Kristiania University College.

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One of my first big scale projects done during my time in Kristiania University College. It takes places on an unexplored planet, where people tried living, but discovered that the planet releases a strong emission wave periodically, which led to a need for shelter, preferably underground. This proved that living there was far too dangerous and too costly, which led to the evacuation of the planet. Only a mining company remained on the dangerous planet to gather valuable resources. 
I was responsible for layout, lighting, lookdev, rendering and compositing. 

Mech by Ensar Dereli

Environment is a mix of Quixel's Megascans and Warzone Kitbash Kit. 

Character from Unity Asset Store. 


Thumbnails exploring composition

One of my recent projects about two high altitude pilots that are stranded in a maze-like anomaly resembling earth, where the environment changes rapidly, but leaves certain landmarks untouched. The team believes that these landmarks will guide them out of the maze. Highly inspired by the "Bigger Than Us" photo series by David Schermann. I contacted David when I first started this project to get permission to use his work as reference, since it was supposed to be more of a homage to his work, but it developed into something different over time. I was responsible for lighting, layout, lookdev, rendering, camera tracking, matte painting, creating the rings, compositing and color grading. 

Russian High Altitude Flight Suit by Albin Merle

Pilot animation from Mixamo

Rocks & Vegetation from Quixel's Megascans


Thumbnail exploration

A sequence about street racers who come out at night to express themselves on the empty streets. Currently I am working on expanding this sequence, but managed to finish these two shots. I really enjoy working with sci-fi projects, but it's fun to switch things up. It was also great to work on a smoke sim for the burnout shot, since I have never done one before. I was responsible for lighting, layout, lookdev, smoke simulation (made with TurbulenceFD), rendering, compositing and color grading. 

E24 635 Csi Model by arkviz

Buildings from Cinema 4D Content Browser


Early blockout and lookdev for the race shot. (The wave is from a tutorial by Workbench)

Entertainment District
One of my earliest shots, experimented with kitbashing. I used the models for practicing lighting, but it ended up as a sci-fi shot. Seeing the reveal trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 was for sure a burst of inspiration when I first started working on this shot. Films such as Blade Runner, Akira and Ghost In The Shell were also great inspiration while working on this. I was responsible for lighting, layout, lookdev, rendering, compositing and color grading.

Most of the ads are reworked from pictures I found on Unsplash and also a few ads bought from the Artstation marketplace. 

Models from CG Trader


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