Art of Zhiqi Boey

Art of Zhiqi Boey

Boey Zhi Qi
by zhiqiboey on 29 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi, I'm Zhi Qi, a fresh graduate from The One Academy, who is willing to learn more and enhance my skills. Here is some of the artworks i did in this pass few years.

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Necromancer, Rising of Undead

This is a illustration I did for my year 3 project, here are the sketches and progress of the illustration.

Necromancer character design- initial sketches and final design


A set concept design I did for school assignment. 

Digital Matte Painting -

Candy Stall in Candyland

These digital matte paintings I did for school assignment.

Digital Matte Painting -
Monolith in the Mysterious Woods

Digital Matte Painting -
Sailing to the Island

A Gift For Santa

Elfie, Elkie and Santa's workshop, school's concept design assignment I did.

Portrait Study

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