Realtime VFX by Sheila Stipnieks

Realtime VFX by Sheila Stipnieks

Sheila Stipnieks
by sheilastipnieks on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This entry features my best VFX work from this school year. I was part of an outsource team that had the chance to assist multiple games in development at Breda University. Please note that environments and props are not made by me.

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The first project I want to show are VFX for our game "SKYE", which is a flying game with a painterly art style.

I aimed to have these wind lines as a subtle detail of the plane cutting through the wind.

The look of this smoke was inspired by the way I saw smoke animated in the background of the anime "Laputa". It is a flat look without much detail to it and highly stylized in shape.

This effect was quite challenging and it still needs some adjustments. I had to do a lot of research into how Seaplanes land and combine my reference with the painterly art style of the game.

Before I started on the particles I drew a mock-up of what the effect could look like. I got feedback that the line in the middle is confusing, so I ended up removing it.

The next effect was made for a different game project called "P.A.I.N.T.".

For this paint muzzleflash I tried out vertex animation fluids and combined it in Unreal with a few extra paint droplets.

The color is easily adjustable with a parameter, which was required for the game.

The last effect I want to show was a personal research into vertex animation sprites from Houdini to Unreal. I wanted to get a grasp of what is possible with this method and learn how to simulate particles in Houdini along the way.

The inspiration to make a firework came from a challenge on the Realtime VFX forum that I participated in.

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