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My design journey

My design journey

Leo Sebastian Stalgrim
by leostalgrim on 29 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi! I am an aspiring Concept Artist with a Swedish passport. My humble goal is to reach world class proficiency in my craft, to be competent in telling my stories visually, and to be an indispensable asset to a fitting employer. This is my first time entering the Rookies; I hope you enjoy my submissions!

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Bosphorus Ablaze

These pieces are part of a continuous personal project. Bosphorus Ablaze is a heavy-on-narrative action thriller experience which takes place in Turkey and the Black Sea region. It is fairly grounded in a realistic setting, but also includes fantastical science fiction elements.

Interior design in 3/4 view is one of my favourite things to work with for the environmental storytelling it allows for.

Character design for this project is in a fairly realistic style, but with a pinch of silliness for flavor.

Hard surface design. Grounded sci-fi.

Miscellaneous pieces from the past year.

These are selected personal pieces completed after graduating from FZD School of Design in early 2019.

Mood painting

Hard surface design

Architecture and environments

Having a penchant for more or less realistic styles, I nonetheless aim to be as versatile as possible. Every time I challenge myself trying something different I usually end up enjoying it, whatever it may be.

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