Technical & Character Art

Technical & Character Art

Aaron Rugama García
by aaronrugama on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Here is my entry! Blair Morgan and Lhillian, both of them developed last year entirely from scratch, trying to achieve a global vision of a video game pipeline as Technical and Character Artist. Looking for complete characters with their art process, storytelling, gameplay mechanics and much more! ENJOY!

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Blair Morgan, The Flamboyant Renegade Raider

Blair is my most abitious project till the date! The idea originated from creating a design that wouldn’t go beyond the paper. Then I imagined how it would feel to play with this character… and that’s what I ended up making: an entire game-ready character you could play with, all his mechanics, background and storytelling, while also fitting everything into the Overwatch universe. It was also a fantastic opportunity to make my first approach to stylized art!

                                       Play as Blair here!! 

Take a look at the 80 Level Interview, Stylized Station Breakdown, and some incredible gameplays made by awesome Youtubers like 김재원의 즐거운게임 세상나무늘보, Master Ian GamerHighscoreHeroes and more!

Lhillian, The Cursed Heiress

This project was born with the idea of making one model with a Cinematic and In-game version, both with the same Fbx, sharing mesh, rigging, animations and materials, all running in a unique instance un Unreal Engine 4 with different treatment for each version.

In the next video you can take a look at some features about this project! As a Technical Artist I tried to make a consistent workflow to obtain a game ready character, out of Lhillian, ready for animators. This time I worked with Carlos Calle, who made the character keyframe animation and gave me suggestions about the properties he applied to animate.

I was specially focused into rigging and building an easy streamline channel to share animations between Cinematic and In-game model versions, all made at run time with a single call.

The entire design and development was really enjoyable and enriching as a personal project, from the concept and sculpting  to the shader creation, lighting and VFX. Takeing by myself each pipelines's step has thaugt me what each team member make in their job and understand a bit more how a video game production works.

Thank you!

I hope you enjoy my entry! Both projects were an amazing opportunity to learn new development techniques and grow as a Technical and Character Artist.

Finally, if you want to check out some WIPs or other personal and university projects, take a look at my social media and of course, do not hesitate to ask me any questions or contact me! :)

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