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The Holoseum 2100/Peaky Blinder's Prop

The Holoseum 2100/Peaky Blinder's Prop

Dominic Mulgrew
by dommulgrew on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

"The Holoseum 2100 is a museum in the year 2100. It looks back on the events of climate change and human destruction and how they have impacted the Earth's biomes. Each exhibit providing people with a chance to sit and reflect on the beautiful biomes of the past".

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The Holoseum 2100

The Holoseum is the latest piece of work that I have created. It was produced as my final project for university. The scene was created using a mixture of my own models, Quixel Megascans and Unreal Engine content. The idea behind this project was to create an environment that allowed me to focus on my skills as an environment artist. These skills being, composition, lighting, set dressing and being able to create a mood/atmosphere for the viewer.

You can view the project on ArtStation here:

The scene itself went through a ton of iterations and changed a huge amount throughout the creation process. Each improvement was based around the critique I received from my peers and my overall vision for the project. 


This concept by an artist called Eddie Del Rio is the reference image I used to inspire my scene. I only really used this in the early stages of the project, mainly to get the layout of the room and the get the ball rolling. As the project progressed I began to pull ideas from multiple places and images. Here are some of my mood boards for the project.

This is the mood board I used to create the biome exhibits.

This is a mood board of what I wanted the lighting to look like in my scene.


One of the things which sped up the creation of my scene was the fact that the room was symmetrical.  This meant that I could split the scene up into modular pieces. In doing this, it also reduced the workload, I only worked on the room in quarters instead of doing one thing to one quarter and having to repeat that 3 more times for the rest of the room.  Once I was happy with the changes I had made I could just duplicate the floor and walls to create the rest of the room.

Architectural assets/props created for the scene.

The Rookies Contest: Peaky Blinders

This was another contest I entered through The Rookies which was the create a prop/environment based around the theme of the tv show, The Peaky Blinders.  If you are more interested in the process you can see it through this link:

Recently, I decided to re-visit this project to re-do the renders with some better lighting. I was happy with the outcome and I think they really improved the project.

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