Jacob O'Neill
by jake on 29 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A fully simulated Gryphon using Ziva Dynamics muscle system, special thanks to Gabriela Salmeron for amazing yeti tutorials

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Fully simulated with Ziva Dynamics muscle system, including the feathers

Anatomically authentic combining of feline and avian anatomy

every bone and muscle was sculpted to be as realistic as possible while still being practical for a simulation 

skeleton -

muscles -

(for some reason the 3D viewer wasn't working)

I did another sim pass in Ziva for the feathers, to make sure they would realistically interact with themselves and the environment, sliding over each other and keeping a smooth surface while the skin underneath deformed. I first placed a few thousand simple feathers on the skin, then wrote a script to make all the feathers a Ziva tissue, then another script to attach curves to each ziva feather. the ziva feathers sim out and the curves get exported and used as a guide to deform the yeti feather groom.

the only feathers influenced by key-frames are the flight primary, secondary, and tail feathers

traditional groom simulation vs ziva proxy feather simulation

Jake O'Neill

[email protected]

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