The Castro Killer

The Castro Killer

Jonah Leahy
by jotheastronaut on 29 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

In 1920s San Francisco, there's a serial killer on the loose who is targeting the unionizing queer community. Detectives Kleo Kingston and Valentino Viviano are hot on the case and must solve the murders before they become the next targets.

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In the height of her career, detective Kleo Kingston is hot on the heels of a murder most foul. She is one of San Francisco’s finest, a beautiful broad with a biting tongue. She and her female-to-male transgender partner in crime, Valentino “Val” Viviano, are on the hunt for a murder suspect with motive against them, even if they don’t know it yet.

This criminal has been linked to multiple accounts of kidnapping, assault, and killing of members of the newly formed LGBT community in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco. Through Kleo’s clever clue gathering by moonlighting as a flapper, detectives Kingston and Viviano must solve the mystery before becoming victims themselves.

In this alternate reality of 1920's San Francisco, the Castro District is populated by queer folks of all shapes and sizes all trying to make their way in the world. Auntie's Queer Speakeasy is the center of all the hubbub and a clear target of someone wanting to mess with the community's mojo. 

The main cast includes Kleo Kingston, a young detective working for SFPD trying to make a name for herself by taking on what could be her biggest case yet. Her mentor, Valentino Viviano has been assigned to keep tabs on her and guide her through the rough waters ahead. "Bruce" (as Kingston and Viviano have dubbed him) is the man performing the killings, but Charles IV is the greedy oil baron who is the brain behind the brawn who feels threatened by the unionizing young people of the Castro.

Valentino Viviano is a female-to-male transgender cop who is a seasoned veteran with the SFPD. He is Kleo's newly appointed mentor and she doesn't know that he is transgender until one fateful night.

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