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Sacha Ismail - CGI student

Sacha Ismail - CGI student

Sacha Ismail
by sachaismail on 28 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi, I'm student in 2nd year of CGI at ESMA Lyon. Here are some of my projects for 2020 Rookies Award entry.

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First grooming project. We had to create a stylized fur animal and then add a realistic shading and grooming. I did all the aspects of this project.

( There's no compositing on this project )

I chose a king cheetah, They have the particularity of having a black comb and a more varied fur than normal cheetahs.

Here you can see the grooming work done with Xgen interactive.

Finally here is the basic concept art.


The objective was to create a hyperrealistic craftsman's workshop based on historical research. We had 3 weeks to do modeling, lighting, texturing, shading, and compositing. It was my first big project.

I chose the workshop of a Gallic blacksmith in the period of the final La Tène (150 - 50 BC). This period was the apogee of Celtic culture but also the beginning of its romanization.

First frame shows a traditional workshop illuminated by the only roof window.

Second frame is a close-up on a Roman helmet and two Gallic torques. Celtic children could be romanized and recruited as soldiers at this time, at the risk of not keeping their own culture alive, so I chose a disruptive element to signal the change that was coming.

Thank you for your time, I hope you will anjoy !

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