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Snappa - a 2D character concept

Snappa - a 2D character concept

Hannes De Wispelaere
by hannesdewispelaere on 28 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

The design process of "snappa" - a crocodile, 1940's inspired private detective. Made for an exam assignment at Howest - Digital Arts & Entertainment.

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A character concept with it's selection screen for a 2D game in matching style.
Was made as the exam assignment for the 2D for Games 2 module at Howest - Digital Arts & Entertainment.

Starting with a chosen style to keep close to, I inspired myself on crocodiles and private detectives.
From the poses selected, I made proportion iterations and used the most interesting to develop further while also iterating on clothing.
After I was happy with the final line art figure, I went through color iteration and applied shading.

The character selection screen was based on the shaded character, and filled out with a 1940's detective setting in mind.

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