Abandoned Asylum Hallway

Abandoned Asylum Hallway

Chloe  Clark
by chloe on 28 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This project would be my final project at university I decided to create a piece that would showcase the skills I have developed over the years. As a big horror fan, I wanted to create an environment that explored one of the common horror tropes that being an abandoned asylum.

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These are the final renders of my scene, the scene itself has undergone a lot of changes over the time i have worked on it which is shown in the process view below.

Below I have shown a break down of one of my feature assets, this was actually one of my personal favourites to create. I had a lot of fun learning some new software such as Substance Painter and Designer, as well as different ways to approach the modelling process. 

These are two fly-throughs that I have made for my environment, the reason I made two is to show the two alternate versions that would be seen in the game as the player would see it in both day and night time. 

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