Félix Donadio -  Concept Art & Illustration - 2020

Félix Donadio - Concept Art & Illustration - 2020

Félix Donadio
by felibulous on 29 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi! I'm Félix, I'm really happy to share my work again for this awesome contest. It's like a big milestone for me!

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A bunch of illustrations I first selected that represent my work and my taste.  

I like to do some quick researches on some of my ideas before going for the final illustration. 

I usually like to tell small stories, as here, Flynn is a raccoon that hates when things are not clean. The problem is that he lives in a trash city. 
To keep my creativity going, I like to do some bigger project, which brings me to my next part :

This is a personal project about orcs and owls, two things I like to draw!

Ubakk is a war chief of the Uloth tribe. He is wise and strong. He is one of the best strategists among the orcs. 

Some warriors of the Uloth tribe. The one on the right is working with Grandukk tribe, selling keys strategic information to them. 

War chief of the Grandukk tribe. They are the main enemies of the Uloth tribe, bringing darkness, hunting at night. 

Grandukk's warriors. 

Another personal project on a post-apocalyptic universe. Society is in a huge crisis, on one side, the robots are rejected by humans, on the other side, some big aliens are invading the world. A small group of punks is trying to gather and fight against the invasion. 

A small project, just to keep my creativity flowing. It's about a traveler discovering an ancient temple of a lost civilization.

Last year I worked on the middle earth characters. I mainly focus on dwarves, but also on less known characters that Tolkiens described.

Oromë, Valar of the hunt. He is riding Nahar the first and great horse. He also hunts with the dog Huan, protecting the forest. 

Beechbone, the young and tall Ent. Known to be quite handsome. 

A Dunlendings, an orc mixed with a human created by Saruman. 

Dís, mother of Fíli and Kíli. 

Azaghâl, the dragon slayer. 

Durin I, one of the oldest Dwarf. The great king and founder of Khazad-dûm.

The rest of my portfolio, with some color tests, speed paints, character designs... 

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