Nicolas DERIO - Concept art & Illustration

Nicolas DERIO - Concept art & Illustration

Nicolas DERIO
by nicolasderio on 29 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi, this is my first entry for the Rookie's award. I hope you'll enjoy my work !

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Klur is a 2D Hack'n'Slash school project we created in  6 weeks at Isart DIGITAL. I worked with two other artists which where in charge of the environments of the game :

Pierre VREL :

Alexis GRAND :

I was in charge of the character designs for the whole Game as well as their animations and did some FX in the game. I got to make the illustration for the main menu as you can see above. We also worked with a team of game programmers, game designer/programmers and sound designers.

The purpose of this project was to test my ability to make a creature concept and then translate it into a 3D concept sculpt in Zbrush. I tried to emphasize on the design of the props and what they would be used for to make them more believable.

Here are some studies I make when I have some time to learn more about light, color, and composition. These are made after photographs or master painters, like Kim English for one of them.

I'm using Heavypaint, a painting software developed by Heavypoly ( Vaughan Ling ), which forces to work without layers and offers only a small selection of brushes to concentrate on mark-making and shapes.

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