Concept art and 3d modelling
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Concept art and 3d modelling

by dannyartmcm on 28 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

collection of my art works

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Illidan Stormrage WOW fan art . I am a huge fan of Blizzard entertainment ! One of my dreams is to hopefully work for them 🙂someday until then ..this is my Illidan Stormrage WOW fan art 

set design concept practise 

rhino rider concept  art+materials 

3d illustration concepting

3d character sculpt studies

 3d character sculpt for my studies at the Zarts academy . original character concept by amazing artist Boris Dyatlov 

This is what I have be working on during my hard surface sculpting studies test Zarts academy. Concept inspired by amazing artist 2-dpanda 

3d sculpting concept illustration practise 

environment concept 

substance painter texturing studies ... meet mat goes dead space 

character concepts plus turn around 

my turtle home concept art in 3d 

Weapon concept ...3d paint over redesign task. 

Slaine 2000ad illustration

 48 hour sculpt challenge at the Zarts Academy. Sculpt base on illustration by one of my favourite artists Gary Laib ! Original ref image here
Scifi helmet concepting practice 2d

traditional paint and pencil 

48 hour sculpt challenge submission

 “Slaine” from the 2000ad comics And tryed to put my own interpretation on it

Tyrande Whisperwind Fan art

Hard surface Zbrush weapon study for class

my first hard surface weapon study made for a zbrush class , original concept by amazing artist : Ars Lee

character concept practise 

sculpt practise

Inspired by Concept by : Wei Wang

2000ad fan art 

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