Jerry Christmas

Jerry Christmas

Geoffrey Mendoza
by dyep on 29 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Jerry Christmas is a VR game wherein Jerry messing around with your gifts. As you hold your gun and shoot snowballs, the gifts are returning.

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Jerry Christmas Gameplay

Jerry Christmas


Jerry Christmas is a VR game wherein  you immerse while holding the gun and shoot snowballs, as well as diving yourself on a virtual reality low poly snow field environment.

This project was made using Unity and developed by a student from MAGES Institute of Excellence (


As Christmas approaches, having a celebration with your family with food and gifts but things go awry, Jerry just got the gifts! Hold the guns and get ready to shoot Jerry in order to get your gifts back.


•Virtual Reality Shooting Game

•Feel like you are in a snow field environment

Environment Design

AI Design

Gameplay Screenshots

This game was developed in 1 week

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