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Shanty Village Environment Art

Shanty Village Environment Art

by dagmawi1tsegaye on 28 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Self thought 3D artist, aspiring environment and texture artist for game industries or movies. This entry is a good description of my hard surface modeling, texturing and lighting skills. I love story telling with in a texture .

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Mood boarding and sketching in 3D. More reference details hereAs a fan of post-apocalyptic (dystopian) story telling with either advanced tech view or just a world deprived of resources with no advancements in lifestyle or surrounding. I lean more to the later, inspired by movies such as Children of Men and Snowpiercer, realistic and gritty. So when I played around with these ideas, I came up with a grungy, worn out, abandoned village getting scouted by new settlers, after years of flooding.

Which brings me to the character models which are more aquatic looking and suited for an under and over water habitat. As a person living in third world country, it wasn’t hard imagining shanty environments. Colors with inspiring varieties were hard to come by though, so I decided to plan out my workflow which led me to start with lookdev.

Modeling and Kitbashing

Texturing and Surfacing


Lighting and Post Processing

Used blenders internal compositor and PS. I was going for a more welcoming but a desperate town being saved compositions. One example below.

More Renders

Contact Information

Follow me on Instagram, i'll be posting my work there @tsegayedagmawi

email : [email protected]

Thank You!

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