Amanda Godreau's Portfolio

Amanda Godreau's Portfolio

Amanda Conyers Godreau
by amandagodreau on 29 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A collection of the hard work and new skills picked up as a sophomore at Ringling College of Art and Design.

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01. R E E L   2 0 2 0

My 2020 reel is a compilation of my work as a sophomore at Ringling College of Art and Design. It gives you a preview of the scope of my work and the variety of 2D and 3D work and how the interact. 

02. A P P L E 

The brief for this project was really simple: make something cool with box modeling! This quick commercial snippet was the result.  I wanted to visually explore the way that light hit the ridges and details off the newest Mac book Pro and use the rich colors emanating off the wallpaper itself as a design element. 

03. R E F R A C T 

Refract is the product of look development for an upcoming project. I'm a really big fan of gradients and wanted to see if I could get glass to interact with them in a dynamic way. 

04. T R A N S L A T I O N 

This was a really fun project completed over the course of two weeks. It explores the correlation between 2D and 3D elements through my love of UI and architecture. 

05. I N V I S I B L E     C I T I E S 

Invisible Cities is a current ongoing title sequence project based on Italo Calvino's novel; specifically the chapter on the city of Eutropia. The images above are a look at the current exploration of some of the style frames for the title sequence. 

06. T H E   L A U G H I N G   H E A R T 

These style frames are based off of Charles Bukowski's poem The Laughing Heart. The poem is about the balance of good and bad and how one cannot exist without the other. I decided to interpret the poem's theme by using the world of the occult, specifically tarot cards to play into the idea of fate. The process for creating these frames involved research, lots of drawing and refining of the card designs and creating interesting compositions. 

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