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Concept Art Portfolio

Concept Art Portfolio

by mioch on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi ! Thank you for checking out my entry. Here is a collection of the projects which I'm the most proud of. I am currently a student at DAE hoping to get a job in the field of concept art !

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I want to kick off my entry by presenting a project close to my heart and which I'm the most proud off. This project was the exam for my stylized course, in which we had to create a character in a big world along with describing the art style in a detailed art bible. For my exam I decided to look deeply into story and the personality of the character, which in the end became very close to me.

The story involves a young wingless dragon called Puff, who is trying to find meaning in why he is so different than the other dragons by looking for an oracle in the unknown world to get an answer to his insecurities and his purpose in life. On the way through the unknown he meets a butterfly friend who seeks the oracle as well and they continue the search together. Confronting the oracle would mean confronting himself about his insecurities and uncertainty of his purpose in life to accept who he is.

In addition to this I brought him to life via 3D to visualise him.

Fairy Mage Assets

5 game asset props I designed for the concept of a mage that uses fairies as a source for magic. 

Beetle knight

A concept design for a smaller project but which I'm proud of - A knight based on nature designs of beetles.

The Old Man's War

These characters are based on the alien descriptions in the book the Old Man's War by John Scalzi, at this moment there is no official concept art or there are any designs, so these designs are based on own interpretation. 

Other concept designs and illustrations

Thank you so much for taking a look at my entry and sticking through ! It means a lot, hope you enjoyed :D

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