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One year of studying Archviz

One year of studying Archviz

by twankbucket on 28 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

These are some of the projects I´ve made during this year of studying at Yrgo in Gothenburg. Creating a story and creating images that can speak to you is what I really try to achieve.

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This is an animation project where I wanted to try and work with symbolism and transition threw colour. Using the painting of Sisyphus and the colour of the water to represent the dark emotions of meaninglessness, which I assume would be most apparent during Sisyphus way back down the mountain to go and pick up his boulder once more. But here, when he picks up the boulder again (the water crashes into the rock), the water shifts to a clear colour. Symbolising the idea of finding a purpose, work must always be done, the rock will always keep on being pushed, but it doesn´t have to be meaningless to you anymore. You have place a purpose anchored to you on your boulder.

I made this using 3ds max, Corona Render, Pheonix FD and After effects.

The Hotel project, a group project where we designed a hotel in Milano, we went for an "influencer" target group and I was responsible for the lounge area. I´ve modelled everything in the scene except for the liquor bottles and the umbrellas hanging from the ceiling.

I made this using 3ds Max, Corona Render and Photoshop.

The Vulcan Wharf London project, was in association with Pixelflakes in London. We got most parts of the models from them, and had approximately 12 views to choose from. I chose to make the image of the brewery, the instructions from Pixelflakes was that they wanted the image to look "Gritty", which is why I chose a rainy day at work. Approximately 50% of the Photo assets where taken by me. A fun and very educating project.

I made this using 3ds Max, Corona Render and Photoshop

The chair project, we got to choose a chair to model and texture it from scratch, my choice was the Flag Halyard chair, by Hans J. Wegner. A difficult but extremely fun project.

I made this using 3ds Max, Corona Render and Photoshop.

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