Low Yong Sen
by tomskin2 on 28 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A Netflix movie intro called "Beats". Overrun your fear with passion.

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Beats is a movie from Netflix that is saying a kid has difficulty during his life-time in gang streets. After losing his only sister in his family that is shot right in front of him. In that case that causes him this sickness called "Hyperacusis", which makes his nervous system very sensitive to noises, in the end, he overruns his fear and able to develop his passion which is DJ'ing/music mixing.

I chose Beats as my title because it represents my personality of not being very open and representative because of the fear. Everyone has their own passion at different things, but just had not shown yet.

Credits: Valee - Womp Womp (feat. Jeremih)

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