Ryou | Concept Arts & Illustrations

Ryou | Concept Arts & Illustrations

by ryou on 28 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hello, my name is Ryou (Jing Zoe). I'm a fresh graduate from The One Academy. I'm here to share some of my artworks I did in the past few years.

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An Enchantress

This is an art test I did for a studio. 

The enchantress is casting spells through her crystal ball.

Archer Character Design

This is an original archer character with 3 stage of leveling changes. I developed this while I was studying in The One Academy. We were required to design the characters with strong silhouette, good shape language and functional outfit.

Before & After. I polished the original artwork after a year.

Beyond the Umbrella

This is one of the projects I did in college. The main idea is about a young man who make umbrellas goes on a revenge after he lost his parents in an arson.

Ji Lang Ji Pua 

Character Design
I designed a little boy for my group project Ji Lang Ji Pua.

Last scene in the project Ji Lang Ji Pua.

Pearl of the Past

The keyshot for my group project Pearl of the Past.

A Puppeteer

A character I did for the subject 'Basic Concept Design'.

Fan Art

As an ACG fan since young, I enjoy doing fan arts. Here are some of my fan arts.

Kagehira Mika from Ensemble Stars.

Joker's Awakening Scene, from Persona 5.

Fan art of a chinese musical theater actor, Ayunga.

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